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Winning through Innovation

With DOMUS specialists in industrial laundry and  Winning the future through innovation.

DOMUS Laundry Machinery

DOMUS who have been supplying commercial laundry products around the world since 1922.


Sanitary Washing: Healthcare Laundry

At DOMUS, we have a range of washing machines with sanitary barrier for hospitals, health centers and cleanrooms (facilities where environmental parameters and air pollution levels are closely monitored).  

Barrier Washers

The nature of hospital linen and its potential for contamination, and the threat of nosocomial infections, required hospital to take a number of measures to ensure that linen is completely disinfected.

This is where our barrier washing machines for healthcare laundry services play a fundamental role.

DOMUS Connect - The IoT

Information is essential for the good management of a business.

DOMUS Connect IoT enable two-way communication between machine & users to optimize time, and better manage optimize your business.

DOMUS machines have been designed using up-to-the minute technology to connect it to the cloud and obtain a large variety of information. 

DOMUS Connect IoT - Benefits:


  • To view the information about your business, production and turnover.

  • Manage and control your laundry or provide access to the people you trust. All adapted to your requirements.


Technical Service:

  • Remote information about the state of the machine, error reports, historical data

  • To facilitate instant diagnosis and software updates at any time, and to reduce the need for on site visits and technical intervention.

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