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Welcome to the mobile laundry of the future!

Are you thinking about starting a self-service laundry business and don’t have premises?

Or majority of your laundry shop revenue goes to pay the fixed  cost such as rental fee? and your rental fee going up?


With DOMUS Clean&Move Solution you do NOT need a permanent shop location!

Shop Rental Fee

You just need to rent an open space in the neighborhood and no longer need to pay for a high shop rental fee.

What You’ll Do

  • Find an open space such as public car park, private commercial development area in the neighborhood, contact with the authority agencies such as URA/HDB/Business Office.

  • When approved, you just need to pay Temporary Occupation License (TOL) Charges.

  • If the open area under a private managed or MCST, contact building authority.

  • If the open area under a current business establishment, such as petrol station. Do contact their business office.

  • DOMUS "Clean&Move" modules are designed for transportation with the machines inside. You can move from one location to another location by moving the container alike DOMUS CUBE or HAT.

  • You don't worry about your multi-year commitments with the traditional physical shop tenancy agreement.

  • Traditional Shop Rental usually required multi-year rental commitment while you are unsure for the business outcome.

Who You are

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