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Clean& Go

How do you start a self-service laundry?

We will provide all of the knowledge and experience we have acquired over the years, with more than five thousand self-service washing machines and hundreds of laundries set up around the planet, at your disposal from the beginning.


Physical Shop Location

Shop Tenancy Agreement

 A period of several years. Extended Contracts.

What You’ll Do

  • Find a physically shop location, check for any laundromat in the neighborhood.

  • Negotiable for a reasonable market rental fee.


  • If the psychical shop in the HDB area, request landlord to seek HDB approval.

  • When HDB provide in conditional approval letter, apply for URA for their approval.

  • CLEAN & GO by DOMUS is a laundry with a daring, modern and functional design to create and decorate your own coin laundry.

  • CLEAN & GO laundries are totally autonomous, without staff, they use latest generation machines, they automatically dispense detergent. 

  • We are not a franchise.
    Our Business model without the need for staff.

  • Ease of Installation & ​Connectivity: comfortable daily management at a distance (automation system)

DOMUS Clean & Go Q&A:

  • Does Clean&Go help me in terms of marketing and advertising?

Yes, we make available to you the Clean&Go Brand Manual, along with the type design of a shop, from the posters to the signage, leaflets and other concepts with the Clean&Go aesthetics, so you don’t have to worry about designing all of these details. You will only need to adapt it to your needs and print or paint.

  • Do I have to pay any right of entry and royalties?
    No, however, Clean&Go provides the 3 fundamental advantages of a franchise (right to use the brand / training / support) but without charging for right of entry, advertising royalties, or sales royalties. This means that the revenue from your laundry business is entirely for you.

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