Washing Hut (WashingHut)

WashingHut is a family business, which has grown from modest beginnings into a sizable and well established start-up and growth company in Singapore.

WashingHut Laundromat

WashingHut Laundromat specializing in self-service DIY (Do it yourself)  laundry, our outlets open "24 hours a day & 7 days a week", a do-it-yourself (self-service), cost effective and equipped with Central Payment system.


Coins, Notes & Card Operated Laundry
(First in Singapore) ​

With Central Payment System (Laundry Point), customer has the flexibility to use many different types of payments:

  • Coins (Both New and Old S$1), 

  • Banknotes (S$2, S$5 and S$10) or

  • WashingHut Card (prepaid) 

With quality industrial grade detergent and softener automatically incorporated in every wash.

Washing Machine Capacity: Our outlet equipped with washing machines capacity (11 kg, 16 kg and 20 kg) larger than the typical home washing machine (6 to 8 kg), and are ideal for washing blankets, bed sheet, quilts, curtains, sofa covers, beside the usual linen, shirts, and pants.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Latest Technology for Laundry

In partnership with DOMUS Laundry, every of our outlet equipped with the latest technology design specifically for self service laundry (washers and dryer). 

DOMUS has 90 years experience in manufacturing laundry machinery are needed in hotels, restaurants, industrial laundries, hospitals, health care homes, cruise ship and launderettes.

In that sense, we can provide complete solutions for the washing-drying-ironing-folding-finishing-inner transport for these types of businesses with high quality products and services to our customers.

Our mission is to satisfy all the needs of a professional laundry in a competitive way, working in a globalized market. As a team of professionals we are in daily contact with our customers, applying our corporate values in all areas: Innovation, Experience, Dialogue and Professionalism.

 ​Specifically for the Hotel, Hospital and Health Care industry, our company provides consultancy such as technical advice, capacity sizing, technical proposal design of the laundry, the laundry creation designed by our expert consultancy, training high-level teaching of new techniques for cleaning, service, and information "direct line with the consultant" and periodically scheduled maintenance service.